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Meeting Family

Some of the scariest days of my life are the days I meet the biological family members of those I have adopted into my world as my family.  I am never sure how I will be received by those family members. I know how my biological family would react (because I have witnessed it! Not pretty!!), So my already existing social anxiety goes up.Yesterday, I met the younger son of the the couple I call Mom and Dad. I have known these people for more than 25 years, and yesterday was the first time I have ever seen either of their two sons.  My anxiety was so high yesterday, that the only reason I didn't back out of dinner with the family, was because I was too scared to call and cancel. 😊 (That mom, is such a mom!). Of course once I got to the house, I settled into myself, and all was fine.  We clicked like family, and they (son and daughter-in-law) were excited to know I would be at church tonight.  When I got to church tonight, their son pulled me aside, thanked me for watching out for h…