Grandpa Man

It has been a long time since I have written anything on this blog. 

But a chapter is ending. One I am not ready for (I could never be ready for it), but God's time is. 

Do you have one person, who is a constant in your life? An anchor. Steady. Strong. One who has always been there, quietly in the background, yet an active part of your life? One person who, if you had never met them, you know, without doubt, your life would be completely different?

I have one. He will be leaving for Heaven soon. He'd be the first to tell you, it's a God thing, what happened to bring our lives together. But I assure you that he had to be a willing tool in God's hand in order for what happened in my life, to have happened.  (If you wanna know what happened, go back and read all the previous blog posts)

I have many people I can't imagine what it would be like to not have them in my life. I have some that have made a difference by helping me learn and grow. People I don't have words to express my thankfulness that they are a part of my world.   But this man. ...

He allowed God to use himself and his wife to literally change the direction of my life. If they hadn't obeyed God and I hadn't followed them (while obeying God!)... I wouldn't be now anything I am today. 

He not only got involved enough in my life to give me the help I needed to change my life, he taught me (by way of demonstration) things that would otherwise be simply theology (true ideas, but concepts I could never grasp). He has demonstrated unconditional love and true adoption, his strength of character and peaceful spirit, gave me a natural tendency to have reverential fear and respect for him .  We are taught a father is to be a picture of God to his children (not a god, but our best source for understanding our relationship to God), and this man brought that understanding to me. 

He was willing to not simply give advice or his opinion, he was willing to "get his hands dirty ", to take the risk and get his heart involved. By choosing to be involved in a situation that was a part of this world, that so many don't want to be anywhere near, he made all the difference in my life. 

I am so thankful and blessed to have known him. 


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