Don't let me retreat!

When our "heads are stuck in a hole" it is hard to see, hear or breathe.  When God pulls us out of that "hole", suddenly we can SEE!  It is bright (painfully bright... like the sun reflecting of the wet pavement after rain), It is spacious (Frighteningly so... like standing on the edge of a cliff on the top of a mountain)... The senses are made alive- so alive it is scarey.
The desire to retreat into that "hole" can be great! It is far more comfortable to not see, not hear, not feel... when that is the way it has been the way it's been for way too long.  But once we've seen the truth, to go back is wrong... Because freedom from that "hole"... (freedom to feel, freedom to see, to hear, to risk being hurt)... is His will for our lives...

Please Lord, keep my eyes on You and give me the strength and grace to stay out of that "hole". 

Don't let me retreat!


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