RM was/is the daughter of AM, and the closest to a sister of anyone I knew…

She and I loved each other, but really got on one another's nerves. We would fight and argue, but if someone offended one of us the other was the first to defend, usually with a comment like ," don't talk to her like that! Only I can be mean to her!!". The logic of little kids :)

If I went to her house, everything I wanted to do, she didn't. And when she was at my house, I never wanted to do what she wanted. But our mothers always made us do what the visitor wanted… good teaching on manners!

Our biggest threat to each other was," I'm gonna tell my mom to not babysit you any more!" and it was usually met with," well, I'm gonna tell my mom to not let your mom babysit me anymore!!" like we had the authority to tell our mothers what to do. LOL.

Truth is, I always wanted R to come over when she wasn't around. We had good fun and got into little bits of trouble… and sometimes the "fighting like sisters" was even fun.

We did everything together: Tap & Ballet, Girl Scouts, trips to Disneyland, Magic Mountain, Knott's, the beach. I went to church sometimes with them and R went with us. I think pretty much the only thing we didn't do together was go to school, until Jr. High. I was a year ahead of her in school (probably shouldn't have been, but oh well!), she had a whole set of "cool" friends by then, and my life had plummeted, and our mothers had ended their friendship, so I watched her climb socially as I fell…

In some ways she was the little sister I always wanted, and in others, the one I never wanted. She did EVERYTHING first. From tap & ballet to sports to boyfriends and dating… she even got married just a few months before me, and her children came years before mine. I can laugh about it now. It really isn't a big deal, but sometimes I did feel like that older sibling that just can't measure up to the smarter, prettier, more loved younger sib.

She was smarter and prettier and more talented, etc…(still is!), but I've learned to be jealous is unnecessary. All things come in their time. God's timing is right and perfect and I have learned to be content in that truth.


We had fun playing and fighting :). One fight in particular, I have never forgotten. We were with her mom at Vons. Waiting in the checkout line… we started talking about what we were going to do at her house that evening. And as usual we couldn't agree on what to do. As we were arguing the old lady in front of us scolded us for fighting,"You shouldn't fight with your sister like that."
We were insulted (or at least reacted that way), "SHE's not MY sister!", "tsha! I wouldn't want to be HER sister!" followed by a united, yet rude "HAHAHAHA…" until the lady left the store. I don't remember A getting after us for our behavior. I don't know if I just don't remember it , or if she maybe missed part of the moment, or if she was just thankful we were getting along for the moment and our argument had been interrupted. lol.

We also discovered the pop caps from a cap gun can burst into flame if you hit the whole roll at one time, with a hammer instead of hitting one cap at a time. The brilliance of that moment was we ran into the building we thought we'd set on fire to tell her mom what we'd done…

I am sure we did a thousand other things that I can't remember… she always was the one who "broke the bank" all three times, every year when my grandpa H would come for my birthday slumber parties and be the dealer for blackjack (we used candy, and it wasn't for keeps…).

She was my best friend. She was the sister I never wanted. She is a part of almost every (not church and not school) memory I have. Remembering her always brings a smile to my face and I am so thankful that God has blessed her life like He has…


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