An example…

I am so amazed by my four-year-old son. Tonight when he heard his cousins' grandpa was very sick and his dad had to take his cousins to see their grandpa… my boy cried. He loves his cousins, and understood their pain, he was sad because they were sad.

I love that he is tender-hearted… almost jealous of it. Moments like tonight put me on an "auto-pilot" mode. That frantically looks for the things that need to be done, rather than a comfort/care mode…

I would love (I think), to one day be comfortable enough with my emotions to hug a hurting friend, or maybe even be able to sincerely share their sorrow.

I generally understand how someone hurts, but I look for things to do (not big things, but the stuff that gets dropped or forgotten in the moment), so that my lack of ability to show my sympathy is missed and I at least come across thoughtful and helpful…


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