Back to the story…

Brad had a very broken finger and we had a very new baby girl and an 18 month old boy…. More than I would have believed I could handle, but we had some extra blessings to get us through.

The ladies that gave us a month worth of meals when T was born did it again with B.(They had promised to do it again if we had another, so that was how I told the one lady :) I went to her and whispered in her ear "Better start cooking again." She understood the message immediately). So I didn't have to cook much during those first few weeks.
I ended up not being "stuck" at home the first two weeks of B's life like we had intended. After spending a day at the hospital, for Brad's surgery, we figured she'd already been exposed to way more than she would have been anywhere else. Plus I had to do a lot of running around for Brad, and she was nursed exclusively and Brad wasn't able to pick her up or change a diaper if needed, so she had to go whenever and wherever I did.

Brad had physical therapy for his hand, an hour away, several times a week that slowly tapered off over nine months (Brad ended up with carpel tunnel in his hand from therapy. So he had to have surgery a second time…) The upside of that was the kids and I were able to go with him most of the time, so we got some extra family time. God is good… the finger is not perfect and will never work like it used to… it works well enough for him to still play the piano and do what ever he needs to do.


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