We were not able to go on our usual trip

We were not able to go on our usual trip to grandma's for the Fourth of July that year, because I had to start Summer School on the fifth. Everything was my fault! By the time summer school started I had my plan. I don't remember it now (part of God's grace-He has taken that from me! Praise Him!)… I was gonna go to the first day of school. My mother had taught me even if you are sure you'll hate it, give it a try with an open mind and it may not be as bad as you expect-you might even like it. I knew she was wrong about 4 hours of history, 5 days a week for 6 weeks, but if I went to the first day of class, I would be the only one home when I got home… and step-daddy-dearest would be the "lucky" one to find me. So I would go, and follow thru when I got home. We only lived three blocks from school (we moved once a year every year for the first 5 years they were married… and 3 blocks seems to be the magic distance. lol)
On that walk to school a memory passed thru mind. It was that Pastor at camp when he told me I would never be alone. So I thought… then I prayed," God if that is true and you are always with me then you know my plan and how serious I am… if You are there and you don't want me to do it, prove it. Give me one friend, a true friend, one I can trust as much as they will trust me. Someone who won't be ashamed or embarrassed to be known as my friend. A friend for life."


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