Salvation came in the midst of so much change in my life. And we were not members of a church that made a big deal about ones "Born Again Birthday", so I didn't pay much attention to the exact day/year. I am pretty sure it was the second to last week of August (because it was at camp & school started a week later). Part of me thinks it was 1987, because it was my last year of Jr camp, the last day of camp… and part of me is certain it was 1988, because my step-dad was already living with us (though they were not married yet), and it was my last time at camp with that church because it was his plan to compromise his Catholicism with her "non-denominational" Bible preaching/teaching church and go… Baptist, the first Sunday after I got back from camp.

They had a difference of opinion with the Pastor (he was right!), but I am getting ahead of myself!

So if salvation happened in 1988, like I am thinking (at the moment) it did… what I said to that preacher is even worse than it sounded, because by then. If I claimed to have that many friends… I was lying!


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