J.T. and I were inseparable at church and church events. We were asked if we were sisters, twins! Several people thought it was cool that we looked so much alike and were just friends… we thought it was weird that people thought we looked so much alike, but we grew to accept it, believe it… have fun with it.

We skipped from youth group to Prime Timers. Pastor W. said we could go to any Prime Time dinner or activity if we were invited… we put the word out and got several invitations every time the Prime Timers (55+) did anything :)

B.K. Had a knack for knowing exactly what I was supposed to be doing but didn't want to do. If I was impressed by a still small voice to do something, and told that voice no (which I always did), the next time I spoke to her (everyday at least once, many times twice or three times, everyday!), she would suddenly say," you know you should_____". And it we wouldn't even be discussing that topic whatever it might be. I'd always say,"yeah. I should, but I don't want to". She always required a better excuse than I could come up with, and so I would get that much more involved with church ministries.

And when she became Grandma Lady, she got even more pull :)


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