I spent a lot of time escaping my home life by spending time on the phone. I was always on the phone with somebody from church. My widow Ladies, J.T., Grandma Lady, S.G.(the lady who gave us a ride that first Sunday morning), L.G.… sometimes J.T. and I would call together, I had three-way calling. That was always a fun thing to do :).
I had one widow lady (M.B.), who would invite me over to operate her VCR… and pay me five dollars an hour to watch a movie with her. Not sure if she was that lonely, or if that was her way of giving me a break from my home.  And I will never know what she knew or thought... I was too scared to tell her what was happening to me at the time, and when I finally had the courage to tell her what I had been enduring... well, she hasn't spoken to me since.  Its been almost 15 years, and I miss her much...


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