After D.B. Told me I should go live with my Grandparent People, I really didn't know what to think. I never had someone tell me they thought I was smart and beautiful and had potential and they knew God had something for me, so I should go live about a thousand miles away… I thought,"tsk, love you too!". I thought about what she said. I knew there was NO way it could happen, they seemed to love me, but they wouldn't want me living with them! And even if they said yes, I had no way to get where they were, my parents took all my money, and they wouldn't let me leave. Aside from being his way of entertaining himself at night (at least until I got a good kick or two in, and maybe a scream and a shove when needed), if I left home they'd lose their welfare "help". They were in no hurry for me to go anywhere, and the world would explode if I tried to leave… trapped, stuck…

Then a few weeks after my conversation with D.B., we had a guest speaker at church, probably a missionary, but I don't recall for sure. He preached on 1 Samuel 16. Where God tells Samuel to go find a new king because Saul has failed and is to be replaced. Samuel gives God all these excuses… but God said it was time to go! Somehow it spoke to me that God was telling ME it was time to go… "but I can't!"… every excuse that came into my mind, that preacher read from his notes immediately AFTER I thought it-almost like we were arguing or debating. By the time his message was over, I had no more excuses, was willing, but scared to death… and had no idea how it was going to work.


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