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The Lord brought several other special people into my life as a child… some I feared (like B.S.), because they expected me to know the rules and conform and others I clung to (like J.L.G.), because they were gentle and loving and invested the time and energy to teach me on my level, so I could understand and make right choices.
There are many others too… 
I am blessed and thankful for all the people God placed in my life. And some of those I am most thankful for are those who loved me and cared about me during my darkest times-and I didn't even know they were in "my corner" loving me and praying for me.
It was those prayers that kept me from following thru with some of the things I had decided to do… and I just thought it was lack of opportunity. LOL.
My young childhood was, as well as I remember, not too bad. Like I said before, somehow in spite of working full time, going to college part-time, being at church twice on Sunday and again on Wednesday, being one of my Girl Scout leaders, taking me to tap & ballet classes and every thing else we did (mostly getting from place to place on the city bus!), she still had time to play.
God in His goodness and grace, knowing there were things I needed to learn, that my mom couldn't teach me because she, herself had not been taught, brought some wonderful people into my young life.
One of these ladies (R. A.), worked in the nursery at our church. She let me stay and "help" her in there after I was too old to be in there as one of the babies. She and her husband were the ones who gave us a ride to and from church most of the time. This sweet lady is the only person, who never broke a promise to me (there might be one other). The only promise she didn't keep, wasn't k…
I was the only child of a single mom, who was raised by a single mom, who was raised by a single mom, who was raised by a single mom… not sure if that pattern goes back any farther or not… that is as much as I was ever told :).
My mother was saved, born again, when I was four months old. As a result of that decision, I was raised in church and was privileged to know the love of godly people all my life.
She was a good mom. We spent many hours playing as we walked and took the bus different places. She had a job at a school which allowed her to have the same holidays off as I did.
She was my Girl Scout Leader. She took me to tap & ballet, and had me in gymnastics and tee-ball… everything my friend R did, I did too. She somehow afforded to take me to Disneyland every year (whether I wanted to or not), as well as either Magic Mountain or Knotts Berry Farm.
It seems that though we did a lot and we were gone from home many evenings, she still had time to play board games or bake cook…


I have decided to start this, because I can share my story in little bits, or bigger bits :) whatever I have time for.  With two little ones running around I don't have time to sit and write all I want to.
I have been encouraged in the past to share my story and the idea has faded quickly each time, until this last time. It has been close to 6 months and every time I listen to what God is telling me to do, I am reminded I should share this. But how? Well, I stumbled upon this blog place and was able to add an icon to access it from my iPod...I can do this even with my kids running around my feet :)
I have tried praying to make sure I am really supposed to do this...I am not sure I really want to, but I know I can if He wants me to, and I will if that is what He wants… And since this sort of fell into my lap, I am gonna go with it...
So join me on my adventure and we will see what God does as I obey Him and tell my story...